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A Founders Harry Potter RPG

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The year is 990 AD and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry does not exist just yet. The British Isles was dotted with various lordships overseen by Aethelred the Unready. Invasions were not uncommon, especially in the form of the Vikings. Rome still had its influence over the island in the form of Christianity. Anyone who still believed in the old ways would have to practice in private or risk persecution. It was very much a time of darkness and paranoia.

The wizard world was not much different from the muggle world. It was a struggle between families who differed in philosophies. There were those lineages that believed that they should rule over the muggles. There were those who believed that those without magical powers should be destroyed outright. Then, there were also those who believed that both groups had the right to co-exist. These separate groups tended to carry out their own philosophy while the other would try to block such an action from taking place. The Ministry had not yet formed; therefore the power in the wizard world happened to go to the family with the most money and the most connections. There was no official title of this position of power. It was basically just known as the family you don’t mess with. At this point in time, the family happened to be the Gryffindors. Luckily, for the poor muggle saps of Britain, the Gryffindors practiced tolerance. The wizard world was comparatively stable to muggle Britain.

When the two worlds collided, it was never pretty. Those with magic were hunted and sometimes destroyed in the name of God. Luckily, a majority of well-trained wizards were able to escape such a fate. Not all were so lucky. Some were at a great disadvantage. This included many muggle borns. Many of these sorts would often be subjected to exorcisms, exile, or in most cases, death when their rogue magic would slip through.

This is when our story begins. Four childhood friends; Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin are hailed the greatest witches and wizards of the age. The four are legends for the noble deeds they committed as aurors, enforcing the law of Gryffindor. Songs are sung. Stories are told about their heroic deeds of protecting the weak from oppressive muggles and wizards alike.

However, the four would not know the true meaning of protecting the weak until the day they rescued a muggle-born wizard child from being killed by his family who were afraid of his wayward magic. It was because of that one boy, the quartet decided that they would gather any muggle-borns they would happen across and would try their best to protect them from their enemies. Rowena came up with the idea to educate them to protect themselves when they grew old enough. At the moment the quartet were roaming protectors as well as teachers and the primitive form of Hogwarts School is born.

What does the future hold? Eventually, the quartet will decide to find a stationary spot for Hogwarts and build the school with protection spells and all. Afterwards, the school will open to all magical children. Of course the quarrels will start. Slytherin will be pushed off of his position on the fence and dislike muggle-borns and muggles even more so than he already might of (we can discover what the catalyst can be through the wonder known as rp!).


The Game will take place over AIM and livejournal. AIM is preferred but livejournal/message board may be necessary for conflicting schedules or rather large necessary rps. Post the logs from AIM in the livejournal community for the game and write your character’s thoughts in their own personal journal. If your character can’t read or write yet, write what they would write if they could (or if you want to write like as much as they know how, that’s okay too). Also, the journals are not connected. But meta commenting is fine! :)
1) Be kind to the other players and the mod.

2) Do your research! When you make a
character make sure you check out a couple sources first. Also, keep with the times!

3) Try to make your characters realistic. When I say this, I mean, no Mary Sues. Try to give your character flaws!

4) Have common sense! Think before you do something that may be off the wall.

5) When it comes to future possible big plot, ask me about it.

6) I'm not elitist, but I do request quality and effort. Don't over do it. Don't write dramatically. Even so, don't write in 1337 either. I don't expect perfect grammar, but please put effort into it. Spell check if you have to.

7) No god-moding. I will get angry :P

8) I would like only those 14 or older to apply.

9) Relationships are okay but please don’t focus the whole role-play around them. Homosexual relationships are okay but be prepared for the consequences. Please, think of the times when making such a consideration.

10) Avoid slang speech. I don’t expect you to write/pose in Middle English but don’t sound like you are from 21st century America.

11) Have fun!

Characters Taken

Godric Gryffindor (one of the founders) godricofgryff

Salazar Slytherin (one of the founders) in_this_silence

Helga Hufflepuff (one of the founders) _loyalty

Rowena Ravenclaw (one of the founders) lady_ravenclaw


OOC Things:
Roleplaying experience:

IC Things:
Background: I want this at least five paragraphs long.
Journal Entry: Any topic you’d like.

When you are done…send it to giveuspeacehp@yahoo.com and sit back and wait! :P