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Owl to Lord Godric Gryffindor: My Lord and Friend, Good day and… - Dona Nobis Pacem

About Owl to Lord Godric Gryffindor: My Lord and Friend, Good day and…

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Owl to Lord Godric Gryffindor:

My Lord and Friend,

Good day and how do you fair? I hope this letter finds you well and with all limbs still firmly attached. I must say it has been years since we last saw one another and I often wonder how time has treated you. I apologize for not keeping in touch, but sometimes the days pass too swiftly. I have kept in touch with Lady Rowena, though not nearly as much as I would like. Have you spoken to Lord Salazar of late? Jessamine suggests that I should invite the lot of you to the valley for a stay, which Lamorak, Orrick and especially Gwendolen agree. Do you believe you might be able to make the trip? The snow is mostly gone, though the cold still lingers some days.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely and Honestly,
Lady Helga Hufflepuff
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Date:February 20th, 2004 02:21 pm (UTC)

Owl back

Dear Lady Hufflepuff,

I'm well although dreadfully bored. Being cooped up all winter does that to me. I would love to spend time with the old crowd again. Perhaps it could be time for us to head on the road again. Father has told me of some rumors that probably aren't best discussed here. I will tell you more when I see you next.

I will send word to Salazar. I'm sure he would love to get away from his tyrannical mother.


Godric Gryffindor
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Date:February 20th, 2004 03:31 pm (UTC)

Return Owl

My Lord Gryffindor,

Bored? That is surely no way to spend your hours - being bored. Do your siblings not keep you busy? Launcelot is such a child, he rarely gives me a moment to sit still. It will be a pleasure to see you all. I will inform Jessamine of your agreement; she will be pleased.

I'll send word as well. I anxiously await your arrival.

Sincerely and Honestly,
Helga Hufflepuff
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